Reducing forest areas to mulchForestry Mulching

The benefits of using a machine for forestry mulching and scrub clearance can be summarised as follows:-

  • Minimal soil disturbance/erosion
  • No costly haulage and removal of arisings from site
  • The woody material is left in situ to break down naturally
  • The material forms a layer of mulch which can deter weeds
  • Wildlife habitat and heathland restoration
  • Rights-of way clearance and maintenance
  • Estate maintenance shooting rides and clearings
  • Commercial and residential site clearance
  • Site clearance prior to development  
  • Site clearance prior to road development

Robinson's Trees forestry mulching/scrub clearance service is a cost-effective and time-saving method of clearing land of unwanted undergrowth.  The end result is a layer of broken up woody material which deters weeds and which will gradually rot down to be incorporated into the soil, returning nutrients and improving the structure.  This method is an environmentally sound alternative to burning cut material on site.  It also entirely replaces the need for costly removal of arisings from site.

The machine is a fixed-tooth FAE mulcher mounted to the front of a Case high-flow skidsteer loader which has over-the-tyre tracks to reduce ground disturbance to a minimum.  It can deal with vegetation up to 4" (10cm) in diameter.  It is light and manoeuvrable and can access tight and awkward areas.