Natural Fire WoodFire Wood Logs

  • Our logs are a by-product of all our tree surgery work
  • The wood is split lengthwise and stored for up two years
  • When it becomes suitable for firewood it is cut into approximately 10" (25 cm) lengths
  • Delivery is free of charge to customers living within a 15 mile radius of Wheatley. 

Logs - Frequently asked questions

What do I need to know about buying firewood logs?

Generally, it is better to purchase logs by volume rather than by weight as all logs contain a variable proportion of water.  Newly felled logs can contain as much as 60% of their weight in water.  One of the best woods for logs is Ash which even when freshly cut contains only 35% water by weight.  When burning logs, water content turns to steam, which greatly reduces the amount of heat produced.  Wet wood is likely to produce more tar deposits in the chimney, resulting in the need for more frequent sweeping.

Should I buy Hardwood or Softwood firewood?

Hardwood logs such as Oak, Beech and Ash are much denser than softwoods such as Pine and Spruce.  The dense nature of these woods results in a much higher calorific value which enables them to produce more heat and burn longer.  However, hardwoods are sometimes more difficult to burn and so it is best to mix them with some softwood logs which produce less heat but burn very easily.  Softwoods are also very suitable for splitting into kindling due to their straighter and less dense grain.

How do I know when logs are seasoned?

Robinson's Trees stores all the wood from our tree surgery operations for up to two years to allow the wood to air dry naturally.  The firewood  is suitable for burning once the bark is easily removed and the cut surfaces of the logs have cracks across the grain.  Our most popular size of log is about 10" (25 cm) long which is suitable for most wood burners.  Larger sizes can sometimes be split to order.